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All of our Patio Covers, Patio Roofing, Screen Rooms, Pergolas, and Gazebos are available for installation in Clearwater, FL and all of Pinellas County, FL.

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Planning Your Patio Enhancement

Consider more than looks before making your decision. Think about your needs. An insulated roof blocks rain and sun. Insect protection means you need a solid roof overhead and available mesh installed underneath. A desire for more light points to Fresco, which is solid but translucent. With Aria pergolas, you give up rain protection but retain shade and promote ventilation. A gazebo leaves your patio bright and airy.

All of our systems use premium components made from premium materials

Patio Covers Keep You Cool, Dry in Your Clearwater, FL, Backyard

 If you’re a Renaissance patio cover owner in Clearwater, just heading out to your patio to relax is a revelation: You sit down to read, and the patio chair is cool. You set your drink down, and the table is cool. And there’s no heat radiating off the patio surface, so you’re cool.

The solid shade of Renaissance patio roofing makes your patio more comfortable, usable and enjoyable. Even if clouds appear and it rains, you and your guests stay right where you are — sheltered from every raindrop.

Renaissance shelters are stylish and well built. Patio roofing sheds rain completely, with designs that shade deeply or allow some light to come in. Pergolas provide partial shade and allow ample ventilation through the open aluminum canopy. A gazebo provides a private getaway. And patio roofs and gazebos can be enclosed as screen rooms to defeat insects. Let’s cook out, you’ll think. Let’s dine right here on our patio.





















Great Looks With Your Patio Covers

Even strong patio covers should have styling as clean as the sands on Clearwater Beach. Renaissance shelters are engineered to withstand winds of 175 mph, not just the 150 mph required in Pinellas County. But all of our secure structures have a styled, coordinated look. Renaissance uses only aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, with a 3-mil factory powder coat that laughs at harsh weather to retain its good looks.

Screws are powder coated, high carbon steel with nylon-coated, color-coordinated, non-rusting heads. Anchors are powder coated, high carbon steel, too, and our pleasing but purposeful columns hide them from view.

All of our solid patio roofing and gazebos can be enclosed with framing and mesh to create screen rooms.

Choose your Renaissance patio solution:

  • Moderno Patio Roofing. This aluminum roof is solid to keep out the rain and sun, and insulated to block heat. Posts and the header beam have a decorative but clean look. Ceiling fans are optional on this affordable line.
  • Classico Patio Roof. Take a step up, with styled trusses joining the decorative columns and beam. Also insulated, the Classico aluminum roof sheds rain and shades your patio completely. Fans are available.
  • Fresco Patio Cover. Wary that complete shade will make your home interior dark? Fresco prevents that but sheds rain. Its triple-layer polycarbonate panels block only 30 percent of sunlight. Your patio is cool, dry and bright. Standing seams prevent leaks. Made to commercial grade, Fresco also works well over outdoor restaurant seating.
  • Aria Shade Trellis. Fresh air abounds with Aria. Its aluminum canopy casts 40 percent shade and promotes natural ventilation to further cooling. The time-honored look of pergolas is elegant and complementary to any architectural style.


What Are Your Backyard Priorities?

Start planning. Decide if you want the solid shade of a rain-blocking insulated roof, or the bright patio that comes with a Fresco roof. Think about whether you need a screen room that protects from insects, gulls and other pests. Consider the timeless beauty of an Aria trellis, which shades but has the open-air qualities that only a pergola can provide. And don’t forget about “me” time or “us” time in a gazebo, the ultimate backyard retreat.

Explore incredible options and plan your patio.

Screen Rooms from Renaissance Patio Products Help You Live the Good Life Outdoors in Clearwater, FL

Your Clearwater backyard is the center of your outdoor life.

A Renaissance Builders Screened Patio Enclosure enhances your outdoor lifestyle.

Patio Screens protect you from insects, crawling pests, fallen plant matter and even mishit golf balls.

Nothing beats an enclosed outdoor space for enjoying the weather in South Florida without exposing yourself to its natural nuisances and rain, and without overexposing yourself to direct sun. Make your time outdoors more comfortable with a:

  • Screen Rooms
  • Patio Screen
  • Patio Enclosure
The exact-fit technology behind Renaissance aluminum framing systems allows faster installation of your Screened In Enclosure than with traditional methods, and within a budget most can afford.

Well-Built, Good-Looking Patio Covers

Strong Patio Enclosures last for years, and so should their good looks. Renaissance Outdoor Enclosures do both. Our Screen Rooms are engineered to withstand winds of 175 mph, not just the 150 mph required in Pinellas County. That strength is extra important if you live near an open high-wind area, such as the Gulf, the sound, Tampa Bay, a canal, a park, an outdoor athletic complex or a golf course.

Our screen structures have a styled, coordinated look, so the visual appeal will last as long as the structural integrity. Renaissance uses only aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, with a 3-mil factory powder coat that laughs at harsh weather to retain its good looks. There is no maintenance because the coating won’t fade, crack, chalk, peel or blister.

Screws with nylon-coated, color-coordinated, non-rusting heads. Anchors are stainless steel, too, and our pleasing but purposeful framing hides anchors from view.





















Patio Screens Add Comfort to Outdoor Gatherings

A patio becomes far more enjoyable when it’s comfortable, and Screened Patio Enclosures add comfort.

Experience patio activities the way you want them:

  • No mosquitoes on your arms.
  • No sun on your shoulders.
  • No bees on the barbecue.
  • No rain on your head.

 You’ll be a cool outdoor chef under an insulated roof. Your guests will relax in shade, not in the open sun, with optional ceiling fans providing a breeze when Mother Nature doesn’t. And the threat of an afternoon shower will be neutralized by your patio shelter. Party after dark with available ceiling lights.

Strong mesh will keep your view of the garden and of your kids enjoying the nearby pool. Lockable doors will add security for when you head inside and the kids don’t.

Choose a pitched roof and roof covering to complement to look of your home, or a flat roof. For more light, opt for skylights in an insulated roof or a translucent polycarbonate roof system that filters out UV rays but only 30 percent of sunlight, in addition to protecting you from rain.



Add Living Space, Function to Your Clearwater, FL, Home with Renaissance Aluminum Sunroom Additions

The space you need for your Clearwater home — recreation or relaxation space, additional living or sleeping area, a library or a home office — is easy to add with a Sunroom from Renaissance Patio Products.

With a Sunroom Addition, you’ll add space affordably — faster and for less money than with a room built by traditional methods.

Our certified installers can create an addition that works for your home, whether it is a waterfront villa, a smaller, older home or a newer, bigger home.

Made To be Strong, Look Beautiful

Strong Sunrooms last a long time, and so should their good looks. Renaissance Sunrooms do both. Our Florida Rooms are engineered to withstand winds of 175 mph, not just the 150 mph required in Pinellas County. That strength is extra important if you live near an open high-wind area, such as the Gulf, the sound, Tampa Bay, a canal, a park, an outdoor sports complex or a golf course.

Our sun rooms have a styled, coordinated look, so the visual appeal will last as long as the structural integrity. Renaissance uses only aircraft-grade extruded aluminum, with a 3-mil factory powder coat that battles the elements to retain its good looks. There is no maintenance because the coating won’t fade, chalk, alligator, peel or blister.

Screws are powder coated, high carbon steel with nylon-coated, color-coordinated, non-rusting heads. Anchors are powder coated, high carbon steel, too, and hidden from view.

Sunroom Space Is Useful, Versatile

 We make your dreams real.

You’ll welcome the morning or watch the sunset in a room that invites you to enjoy the view.

Your Florida Room can serve almost any function you imagine. Our certified installers will help you decide if you need more light or less, and will help you choose windows and wall styles.

Think about having a space for a:
  • Living, family, dining or great room
  • Entertainment space for guests or family gatherings
  • Bedroom for daily use or when parents or children visit
  • Play area for kids or hangout space for teens
  • Game room
  • Media Room
  • Library, den or home office
  • Home gym
  • Hobby room
  • Music room
Insulated aluminum roofing panels and walls can carry electrical lines for fans, lights and TVs, and cabling for electronics.

Outside, tie the addition to your home’s architecture with window and door styles, as well as your sunroom’s shape.

Choose Glass that is Tinted and Resists Storms and Impact

Every independent installer helps homeowners choose the right windows for their sunrooms. Selection of shape, proportion and design achieves a seamlessness between your dwelling and your addition.

Windows can extend from floor to ceiling and doors can double as entries and windows — or knee walls can make windows smaller and your interior less bright.

Tempered glass windows can be tinted and double-pane, in double-hung or sliding models.

For more security and safety, consider solariums with shatter-resistant windows:

Acrylic Window Sunroom: Acquire resistance to shattering when your sunroom has economical acrylic windows.

The panes in Acrylic Window Sunrooms resist shattering when struck by windblown objects. They also reduce the likelihood of storm damage because they can be removed and stored indoors before hurricanes.

Impact Glass Sunroom: Get protection against shattering caused by windborne debris with Impact Glass Sunrooms. These protect not only against hurricane-thrown projectiles but also against human error, such as the misaimed golf ball, which can top 100 mph.

Unsurpassed Impact Glass provides the ultimate resistance to shattering because of a solid layer between glass panels. It also adds comfort, because that intermediate layer doubles as insulation against heat or cold.

Sunrooms with operating windows double as screen enclosures to keep you in touch with the outdoors. And security for children who want to play outside is enhanced when sun room doors are lockable.

Receive more information on your desired products! Tell us more about what you would like to build & we'll contact you shortly.

Cyrus D.

Fort Lauderdale, FL

I could not be more happy with my new patio roof. The workers from did a fantastic job, were clean, conscientious, and a joy to be around, and the finished product looks great.

Michael P.

West Palm Beach, FL

Our new patio is now complete and I just wanted to reach out and thank you for the job well done. The Classico Patio Roof is spectacular, the installer you recommended to us was fantastic, our project looks great and everyone who has seen it is impressed.

Micheal E.

Jacksonville, FL

From the quality of the materials to the installation, we are thrilled with our new Aria Shade Trellis. Thanks Renaissance for making such a great product and sending us such a great installer to put it up.

Sarah G.

Gainesville, FL

Just had a new patio cover installed from Renaissance, and we love it! The design really looks great against our home and the process was nice and smooth.

Miguel C.

Tampa, FL

We recently had a Classico Patio Roof installed on our home in Tampa and it has changed the way we live in the outdoors. We can now sit outside comfortably and with screen walls, we no longer have a bug issue when entertaining outside. The installation was quick and workmanship excellent.

Denise T.

Fort Meyers, FL

My husband and I decided it was time to get some shade in our backyard, so, we began our search online and found Renaissance. Our new shade trellis looks wonderful and really compliments our backyard, we are thrilled with it. Don’t hesitate to give these guys a call.

Michelle D.

Galveston ,TX

We researched nearly every patio cover option on the market before deciding to install the Renaissance Classico Patio Roof. We chose the Classico as it was the most elegant design and the best value considering the look it provides, now that it is all complete, we couldn’t be happier with that decision.

Terrance S.

Augusta, GA

We met John from Renaissance at the home show, took one look at the Classico Patio Roof and knew it was the right choice. After we got all of the permit paperwork out of the way the project went up quick and easy, all inspections passed and we have a new place to hand out on the weekend. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Renaissance if you want an amazing new patio space.

Miles T.

Tallahassee, FL

Thanks Renaissance for our new patio cover!! After a search high and low we found the Aria Shade Trellis on the web, we fell in love with the look and filled out the “request Info” form. Sean (our local installer) gave us a call the next day and came out to show us what we could do, we signed the contract and 4 weeks later we have a nice shade trellis where before there way just plain old concrete, now all we need is the outdoor kitchen and our backyard is done.

John S.

Miami, FL

I can’t believe how beautiful my new patio is! We had the family over for the holidays and all everyone could talk about is how amazing our backyard looks with our new patio roof. From our first discussion to final inspection, our project went smooth and everyone we worked with was not only knowledgeable but pleasant and professional, I recommend Renaissance Patio to anyone who asks.

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