What makes Renaissance different from other companies?

That’s simple… Design. Renaissance was born with design in mind, our products look better, are stronger, and represent a better addition to your home.

Do Renaissance Patios have a warranty?

Yes, all of our products carry a lifetime warranty. Your independent may also offer a warranty, so don’t forget to bring that out with your installer.

Renaissance Warranty Certificate

Once I enter my information RenaissancePatio.com, who is going to call me?

We have an extensive network of highly skilled independent installers.  We send you information to up to 3 companies, they will contact you directly.  We do this so that you can choose the company you like best.

Does Renaissance sell directly to the public?

No. We sell only through our network of independent installers.

How do I become a dealer of Renaissance Patios Products?

Visit our Become a Dealer page here are in the footer

Can I buy parts and pieces for my Renaissance Patio?

No. All of our products are sold as kits which include every single thing the installer needs in order to build your patio cover, pergola, screen room, or sunroom. 

What is the maximum distance I can have between posts on my Renaissance Patio?

Our patio systems are designed to allow you up to 24 ft between posts depending on where you are located in the country. This is a really great question for your independent installer who will be familiar with your local building code and our line of products.

Can I have an “A” frame roof built with a Renaissance system?

Yes. Although more expensive than a studio style roof, we have all of the components to build an A frame.

Can I build my Renaissance patio or pergola over a wooden or trex deck?

Yes. Although it may require some modifications to your deck for strength, almost always it’s possible. 

Will the Renaissance translucent panels keep the heat away?

Yes. Our fresco panels have a “ Low-E” coating on top which allows visible light to pass through but blocks up to 60% of heat transmission.

What's the difference between a Renaissance pergola and a Renaissance patio cover?

First off, a patio cover can look like a pergola and a pergola can also cover your patio.  When people refer to a “pergola” our customers typically tell us they are looking for a specific design style. 

A pergola will have exposed trusses, curved cuts on the end of the trusses and will include either a shade lattice to partially block the sun or a solid cover to fully block the sun and keep out the rain. 

A patio cover always has a solid top, but when it comes to Renaissance can also have the look of a pergola.

What's the difference between a Renaissance patio cover and a Renaissance patio roof?

Nothing. They are terms that are used interchangeably to describe structures that cover your patio.

How do I clean my Renaissance Patio?

Low-pressure water gentle soap such as dish soap or car /automotive soap, feel free to use a towel to remove stains.

For more information see our blog: How do I clean my patio? 

What happens if there is not a Renaissance Patio dealer in my area?

If you live in an area where we receive frequent requests for installers, we will forward your information to one of our contacts.  If we do not know anybody in your area our products are easy to install and can typically be installed by most installers.

What are the benefits of a Renaissance sunroom vs. a room addition?

Looks, cost, and time.

  • Looks: Sunrooms include glass walls which make your sunroom a natural lite place to enjoy. 
  • Cost: Sunrooms cost between 20 to 50% less than room additions
  • Time: While a standard room addition takes typically 6 months to a year, a sunroom can be built in as little as 90 days with typically less than 3 weeks of actual work in your home. 
Does a Renaissance patio withstand hurricane winds?

 All of our structures are engineered to withstand up to 175 mph winds.

Does my Renaissance patio withstand snow loads?

Yes, all of our patios are engineered to meet or exceed your local building code.

Does Renaissance Patio offer financing?

Most of our independent installers offer financing, if that’s something you want, don’t forget to mention it in your inquiry!

I live in ________, do you have installers in my area?

Our independent installers are located throughout the US. Just click the request a quote button below and our digital system will match you to the ones closest to you. 

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