The Contempo

Decorative Solid Roof Patio Cover with Truss Ends

Contempo Patio Roof

Contempo Highlights

The Contempo Patio Cover is built especially for homeowners who want it all: strength, durability, style, and affordability. By building on the same framework as our other Patio Covers, the Contempo strikes a balance between the fully framed patio roof such as our Classico line, and the simplicity of the Moderno.

  • Using all aircraft-grade aluminum, UV-resistant, injection-molded resin parts, and rust-resistant screws, the Contempo offers you the look of wood framing, without the excessive cost and time required to install and full wood-framed patio.
  • Aluminum core patio covers require little to no maintenance and never require painting.
  • The Contempo was designed to anchor the ultimate screen room, with decorative truss ends on the exterior-facing side only, It makes for one seriously stunning screen room, especially when coupled with our Dolce Screen Wall System, which hides all the unsightly screws visible on most structures.
  • We designed and engineered Contempo from scratch for extreme strength. It’s tough enough to stand up to high winds and heavy snow loads. When you invest in a Contempo, you are buying a patio for life, not just a cheap addition that fades quickly or collapses after a year.
Contempo-Insulated-Aluminum-Patio Cover-Renaissance-Patio-Products

The Contempo is about balance – the balance between clean lines and the traditional appeal of wood-framed design and between affordability and high style. With the Contempo, you have a winner on your hands, and our customers agree. The Contempo is an ideal patio for homeowners with an eye for style who don’t want to spend a fortune attaining it.

Contempo Details

Contempo Patio Cover Gallery

Contempo Options

You love the affordable luxury the Contempo delivers and want to customize it to add the personal touches to make it even more enjoyable. Here are some ideas;

Contempo with Pool

Pick a primo location

While most customers opt to attach their Contempo roof to their home as an extension of their living space, you have the option of building a completely freestanding structure. This option allows you to locate a large covered living space anywhere in your yard, overlooking mountains, lakes, or your garden, or in a secluded corner of your property.

Dolce Screen Room by Renaissance Patio Products

Screen out those bugs!

Nothing spoils your enjoyment of your new outdoor paradise quicker than a swarm of mosquitoes. Thankfully the Contempo is ideally suited to be screened in with the Dolce Screen System. We can even install Dolce without the framing to give you a single massive screen panel instead of a wide-open view. Ask your installer about the Dolce Open View screen wall option.

Patio Sun Rooms.6x4

Keep the fun going year-round

Any Renaissance solid patio roof structure can be installed with full glass walls beneath, turning your patio into a fully air-conditioned and heated four-season sunroom. Our Lumino Sunroom system can even accommodate highly insulated, vinyl-framed, low-E panes, or – if you live in a high-wind zone = high impact glass.

The Pros and Cons of the Contempo Patio Cover

Let’s talk about what you will love, and maybe only like, about the Contempo;


  • Great look for residents who want a decorative patio with wood-framed style
  • Virtually no maintenance or repair costs
  • The perfect support for a screen room or sunroom
  • The strongest type of patio, Contempo is well suited to nearly any environment


  • Does not have full exposed-beam framing like the Classico
  • It’s not wood but you don’t have to maintain it. 
  • Compared to simpler, less hardy options, the Contempo costs more.

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